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People in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas trust the attorneys of Scott W. Schiff & Associates for effective legal representation in matters of personal injury and wrongful death.

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  Scott W. Schiff, Esq.

Since becoming an attorney in 1982, Scott W. Schiff has been a champion of the underdogs in our society. A graduate of Ohio State University (1979), and Capital University Law School (1982), Scott began the law firm of Schiff & Associates Co. LPA., in 1985, specializing in civil litigation with an emphasis on catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

"Each and every case is extremely important to me," said Scott. "No single case is going to change my life financially, but each and every individual case will change the life of my client, and that keeps me motivated for our clients. At my firm, we take our responsibilities toward our clients extremely seriously. Quality work, respect, and high ethical standards have kept us as one of the leading Personal Injury law firms in the state of Ohio.


  Keith J. Shepardson, Esq.

Keith J. Shepardson has been with Schiff & Associates for more than 15 years after graduating from the University of Akron School of Law, where he received his JD (1995), and the University of Maryland, College Park, BA (1991).

"Helping the injured party who is in a difficult situation helps to balance the scales," said Keith. "No matter how serious the injury, as an attorney, I can fight for the personal injury victim, the person who doesn´t have the knowledge or the resources to confront the attorneys of an insurance company. I can help them with their recovery."





Craig T. Smith, Esq.

Craig T. Smith brings to Schiff & Associates a solid legal background paired with a commitment to helping people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. A graduate of The Ohio State University, BA, and Capital University Law School, JD, Craig T. Smith began with Schiff & Associates in 2001. He focuses on obtaining settlements, particularly in wrongful death and serious injury cases.

"There´s a satisfaction that comes when I make a difference in people´s lives," said Craig. "I enjoy bringing justice to my client. With a staff of highly-trained and capable legal assistants and paralegals, we pull together as a team to make positive differences for families so they can go forward with their lives."



  Terry V. Hummel, Esq.

As a trial attorney at Schiff & Associates, Terry Hummel, Esq., handles a wide variety of litigation of personal injury claims. With more than 30 years of preparing lawsuits and successfully trying them to juries throughout the State of Ohio, Terry brings to his clients an ethic of work and service backed by substantial experience.

"As attorneys, our role in society is to obtain some level of justice for our clients," Terry explained. "When someone is injured through the fault of others, an economic imbalance occurs due to expensive medical costs and loss of productivity. This impacts our clients, their families, and society as a whole. When we get compensation for our clients, we play a very significant role in restoring balance, which is the justice that our clients desire and deserve."


  Philip A. Ziegler, Esq.

Philip A. Ziegler took his BA at The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. He began working for Schiff & Associates in 2002 as an undergraduate. This prompted Philip to go on to law school at Capital University, where he obtained his JD, and was admitted to the bar in 2010.

Philip works in the field of Personal Injury (Plaintiff). "We help all kinds of people, which I very much enjoy," said Philip. "Seeing our clients satisfied and receiving the compensation they need gives me a sense of fulfillment."



  Phillip Corey Lauer, Esq.

Phillip Corey Lauer began with Schiff & Associates as a Case Manager in 2005. After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a BA in 2004, his ambitions to become an attorney led him to take the Capital University Law School night program. Phillip obtained his JD in 2010, and was admitted to the Ohio Bar.

"What we do is help people, and that feels good," said Corey. "When people come to us, there's been a problem in their lives. Any time you can make a person's situation better and help them get through the process to a point where they obtain compensation for what happened, that's a rewarding feeling."



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